Samantha Smith is the Founding Executive Director of a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve “Mothers of Today for our Children of Tomorrow”. The organization assists women as they seek solutions by connecting them with resources, professionals and organizations.

Samantha Smith is a business woman that has embarked on this journey to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged women and children. Mrs. Smith began her journey working with women with no hope and the feeling that they have no purpose 27 years ago working with the County of Los Angeles through the Department of Social Services. She is a masterful resource alignment specialist, using her gifts and relationships to provide access and linkages to an all but invisible and forgotten population of women and children.

Her mission is a passion driven by over 20 years of exposure to a population of women and children that deserves to be empowered through the installation of hope. We specialize in hope given through love and caring. We provide someone to hold your hand without limitations presented by most programs. We are affecting change on family at a time.

We focus on children who are failing or acting out in school an my job is to help mothers and encourage them to better themselvesĀ of the sake of their family. The organization is based in faith, positivity, and love. We live in a society that is in need of guidance. So many of the mothers entrenched in the Los Angeles County Social Services Systems are worn down. Our goal is to lift them up so they are better suited to raise their children to become positive productive adults.