“Samantha Smith is a strong dedicated woman whose nature is to help those around her succeed. With her no nonsense, motherly approach Samantha is able to convey her message to those she is mentoring. She is a business woman, woman of God, friend, wife and mother. Her goal is to e an example for young mothers and show them that through positivity and faith, you can achieve your dreams”. ~ Michelle Rivera, MSP


10 November 2017

Dear Samantha,

On behalf of Araceli, my father and I. Thank you! I sincerely appreciate you and your organization for helping Araceli.

In a world like today. Where information is available at our fingertips and resources are “available”, Araceli didn’t know where to start, where to turn and who to talk to. She had given up because she did not know how to utilize her options until she met with you and you opened up the opportunity.

From the moment I first spoke with you to you going out of your way and making it a point to visit us in our home was the moment I realized what an amazing leader you are. You care and that’s what shined through. You don’t get much of that nowadays but we did when we met you.

Thank you for initiating and scheduling her appointments to meet with Community Lawyers and for making sure that she had a spanish speaker available to assist her. Araceli met with Attorney Karen Siri and as of yesterday, successfully filled out her paperwork to initiate the divorce process.

Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided us. May God Bless you always!

Araceli & Tereza

“Most parents do not know how to be advocates for their children in terms of knowing rights, appropriate testing, resources to help student academically, socially, and emotionally. They may acknowledge their kids have issues or have heard it from educators, but they may not know where to get the help they need Parents need parenting classes…many have had children at a young age and may not be getting the support they need as mothers on order to help their child’s success”. ~ Tiffany Hampton, MA Ed


“You’re a wonderful person Samantha!  I wish all case workers were as caring as you still are. I usually wouldn’t have told anyone this much detail of what I’m going through & I’m an extremely private person but for some reason I knew you were sincere & would keep it confidential. Which says a lot because I don’t trust people like that. And you do help people well! I could immediately tell it was a God given gift.” ~ J. Jones